- Rehearsal:

  • 4 isolated rehearsal rooms (4.5 x 6.0m each)
  • Mon-Fri, 12-5pm: £8 p/h
  • Mon-Fri 5pm-12: £12 p/h
  • Weekends: £11 p/h
  • Recording discounts for our regular rehearsers.
  • Cymbal rental: £1 per cymbal
  • Instrument rental: £6
  • Record Your Rehearsal: £10 for the setup, £5 per hour recorded.

Refreshments and supplies (strings, plectrums, batteries etc.) can be purchased at reception before, during or after your rehearsal. Please note: We no longer have any drumsticks for sale.



- Recording:

  • Tracking: £20 per hour (base-rate)
  • Full Production:
    • £120 for a single track*, fully mixed and mastered (all tracking included)
    • For larger projects, contact us for a quote
  • Acoustic/Singer-songwriter deal: £100 for 3 completed tracks (inc. editing, mixing and mastering); vocal and single instrument/backing track only.

* Note: Track is defined as around 5 minutes of audio. No sneaky single-track albums!!!

- Post-Production:

We offer full mixing and mastering services for any of your projects via our ProTools HD system. Please contact us for more details.



- Repair:

General repairs cost around £20, although this is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Any extra parts required will be added to the bill.