Rehearsal Studios

Each rehearsal room has been specifically designed to not only isolate sound from the outside but has been acoustically treated to provide the best sounding environment for practicing.

We also offer the opportunity to record your rehearsal (via our special RedNet/Pro Tool hybrid system) for a small additional fee. Your session is mic’d up prior to your arrival and you are given a stereo MP3 of the entire practice the next day! See the link below for a sample:

Please note: We do not, under any circumstances, give out the stems from these sessions. Please book a full recording if you are looking to mix it yourself

Each of our rehearsal rooms contain:

  • Marshall MG100 Guitar half stackIMG_4822 copy
  • Ashdown MAG300 Bass half stack
  • One of our valve guitar amps (noted below)
  • Yamaha Stage Custom drumkit
  • 2 x 700W active speakers PA system w/ 8 channel mixing desk
  • 3 x SM58/D5 vocal mics (extra available upon request)
  • Spare Zildjan ZXT cymbals if required

IMG_4851 copyWe provide the following valve guitar amps for rehearsals:

  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 4×10
  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1×12
  • Egnater Tweaker 40 1×12
  • Orange TH30 C 1×12



If you have a particular amp preference for your session, let us know when you book and we’ll be sure to have it ready for use before you arrive.


We ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice before cancelling a rehearsal session with us. If you cancel within the 48 hour period before your allotted time we will charge you for 50% of the session price. If the cancellation is deemed last-minute (i.e with only 1-2 hours notice) or you simply no-show, you will be charged the full amount.

If you owe us two separate cancellation fees, we will be unable to secure any and all future bookings with you until the fees have been settled.