Does your amp give out the occasional crackle? Does your guitar maybe not play as sweetly as it used to? Troublesome FX pedal in your chain? Here at 7th Harmonic we can now take a look at any troublesome gear and endeavor to fix the issue. We current offer two basic services:


Guitar service:

–       Assess the electrics and re-connect if required.

–       Clean out any pots that crackle.

–       Check and adjust the intonation where required.

–       General clean-up and polish.



Amp service:

–       Check all inputs and outputs.

–       Clean out any crackling pots.

–       Check and re-bias any valves.

–       Clean out the dust and dirt from inside the amplifier.

Note: If any of the parts need completely replaced, these will cost extra to the above prices.

Both of these services have an introductory rate of £20.

Isolated issues in guitars/basses can be looked at but the price will vary depending on the nature of the fault, as well as the cost of necessary replacement parts. If we are unable to repair the issues ourselves, we will happily recommend other companies who can.